Dilapidated properties a concern in Harrisville


    Harrisville properties 5-18
    HARRISVILLE – Dilapidated structures in Harrisville have been an ongoing concern for village officials, who say action must be taken because the sites are hazardous.

    Mayor Shari Friend said the properties, which include five buildings containing nine units, are owned by the Fran Crouch Holderman estate and have been a source of concern for years. Friend said the sites need razed but the village could not afford to do the work itself, and in the meantime the structures are literally falling apart.

    Broken windows, high grass, weeds and poison ivy; trash strewn about in yards and in rooms and windows; fallen bricks exposing ventilation ducts; and damaged roofing were just some of the issues.

    Rat infestation was another problem, in addition to the flocks of birds nesting in the buildings and various animals making homes in the bushes. As of Thursday’s deadline, Friend reported that the large rats had crossed into a neighboring home where the owner has a baby.

    The estates attorney Geoffrey Mosser was reportedly working to have the lots auctioned by June.

    Read the entire story in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



    1. Has anybody tried to find people who reclaim building materials? The bricks could be re-sold, if some of the interior wood work is not damaged, people might be interested in purchasing it to refurbish another home or public building.

    2. Looks like Fran Holderman and family have left the buidings and the area some time ago which isn’t surprising, especially after reading one of the news items in the Wheeling Intelligencer about the steady decline of population in or near the Ohio Valley.
      D-J S–you’ve got a great idea about salvage; so many buildings and homes in the area where simply allowed to fall down, were bulldozed, simply torched with no or little effort made to salvage what good stuff still remained and for some of those properties, the really older ones–a gold mine of hard wood interior decor, some out of old growth timber.


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