HC Beekeepers Assoc. meeting set


The Saturday, July 13 meeting of the Harrison County Beekeepers Association will be held at the home of Rose and Bill Bush at 38600 Lees Run Rd, Cadiz Ohio.
The Potluck start time is 6 p.m.
A panel discussion to be led by Robert Hooker, along with Howard Stine and Don Costello will be touching on the following topics: requeening in the fall, general practices and monitoring for disease and pests. You are encouraged to come to the meeting with questions in mind. Feedback from long-time beekeepers is very valuable. Everyone has experienced successes and failures, so sharing your practices will benefit all. Also, if you have taken off honey, please bring a small container. There will be a honey tasting table set up for sampling.


  1. We were at the meeting and had a great time.
    The log home was very impressive and so was the food.

    Very informative, it was great meeting the members.

    We are looking forward to the next meetings.

    Can’t wait till we can start are own hives.

    Thanks Harrison County Beekeepers Association.

    Steve and Terri Brock

  2. i live on deersville rdg just out the road from asbuery chaple last year a swarm of honey bees moved in to the corner of our house within a week they moved out they came back about a month ago n havent left i really dont want to kill them can u help


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