Boy rescued from sinking vehicle


    Boy saved at Tappan Lake pic 7-6

    TAPPAN LAKE – A bystander watches as David Cimperman, of New Philadelphia, swims to help Clinton Kerns and his 3-year-old son after Kerns’ stalled truck rolled into Tappan Lake on June 30. Kerns managed to pull his son out of the sinking truck while Cimperman took the boy to shore where his wife, Jennifer, a nurse, evaluated him. No injuries were reported in the incident.

    Read this weeks print edition for the complete story of the rescue.

    Photo provided by David Cimperman



    1. If he thought that he might have flooded the engine, but can you flood an engine that is fuel injected?
      In this case he flooded the vehicle, like in the tank, so to speak. I hope that he has some kind of insurance that will cover part of the loss—retrieving this truck will be expensive, the vehicle is probably totaled?
      I remember another story about a vehicle, a family, a direction taken, in the fifties, when the region was in the midst of a drought. A family travelling along U.S. 250, not familiar with the area, took the old road, drove until they reached the bridge which was no longer there, sinking into one of those side reaches of Tappan Lake–not far from that county road which goes from Ohio 9 at Clearfork, over to the lake. At least one person drowned in the vehicle.
      A little boy if I remember correctly–I would have been in the 7Th or 8Th grade when it happened.
      That was sad; this father and son are lucky….not so sad, just inconventient and expensive.


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