SRWR plans operations in Cadiz


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    CADIZ – Another offshoot business is coming to Cadiz and area business leaders learned a little bit more about the operation recently.
    George Zellem, pictured front, operations manager of Somerset Regional Water Resources (SRWR), spoke to about 21 people attending the monthly Cadiz Business Association meeting. He was joined by SRWR Marketing Director Doug Berkeley, pictured back, and gave the members an overview of what they could expect from the fracking water treatment facility located at the former Excel Mining building off Ohio 9. Zellem hoped the company would be up and running next month and estimated it could bring more than 40 jobs to the area.
    “We are going to facilitate the oil and gas business,” said Zellem. “We don’t make the holes in the ground; we don’t make dirty water. We are a business that thrives over in the northeastern corridor of Pennsylvania near Scranton.”
    He said the six-year-old company treats the flowback, or used water, in fracking operations from Marcellus and Utica shale. Drilling companies normally truck the used water to a treatment facility where it undergoes filtration into fresh, reusable liquid.
    “The water here in Ohio has similar contaminants once it comes out of the ground. We clean that water up instead of putting it into [deep injection disposal wells],” he said. “We’re anti-disposal wells ourselves. Our position is…we want to clean the water.”
    Zellem said just because the fracking water is out of sight, it should not be out of mind and his company promotes a greener, more feasible effort to recycle the fluid and benefit the future.


    Find out more about SRWR in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. “used water to a treatment facility where it undergoes filtration into fresh, reusable liquid.”

      “more feasible effort to recycle the fluid and benefit the future.”

      In other words it is NOT usable for water, like for irrigation of farm is called a “fluid” and NOT water folks. They are destroying this county for profit, and we are starting to regret moving here…

    2. That`s not all, if there are any above ground spills or accidents with fracking water you best not breath any of the air. You could be breathing in some of the cancer causing chemicals. It may take years for it to show up in your body, but by the it may be to late for you. These companies are not required to inform the public what chemicals are in the water. lol John

    3. I wonder if they can take the Radioactive Tracers out of the water ( that some of them use ) so the water can be reused ? And where are they going to reuse the water ?


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