A walk in histories footprints



    PIEDMONT – On Sunday July 28, the Harrison County Outdoors Club will be participating in an historical hike led by Dr. Scott Pendleton and Ray Ferrell.

    Since this will be the 150th anniversary of Morgan’s Raid through Harrison County, the two historians plan to hold a presentation at the Piedmont rest area at 4 p.m. where they will discuss General John Hunt Morgan’s activities in Ohio. Following the presentation, participants will get the opportunity to hike to the spot where Morgan crossed the hill and came into the valley of Piedmont.


    1. Like way back in the day before those Interstate Highways were completed like nearby I-70 this rest stop was one very busy little place. Cars with license plates from many different states, certainly from many counties within Ohio were out and about on busy U.S. 22.
      Today the traffic on that highway is but a ghost of what was once there; looking about the edge of Piedmont before the highway climbs the hill enroute
      to Cadiz–the closed buildings, many into ruin or gone of all the services that the little village provided for travellers.
      Colonel Morgan, if he and his vanquished Confederate force were to attemp a similar trip across the Piedmont Valley today they should bring boats or large rafts to duplicate their journey.


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