Transition underway at Harrison Hills


    George buhbye 7-27

    A transition six months in the making is officially complete within the Harrison Hills City Schools administration. Harrison Hills City Schools has new leadership in the upcoming school year as Superintendent Dr. George Ash bids farewell this week. Longtime administrative assistant Dana Snider is moving up into that position while Duran Morgan takes her former spot as second-in-command.

    Meanwhile, other staff members are moving up with Mark Kowalski officially serving as district director of operations, which involves food, safety, transportation and buildings and grounds, and Brent Ripley helming Harrison Central as building principal. On Thursday, the school board also approved Donnie Madzia and Justin Clifford as dean of students at the elementary and high schools, respectively.

    Faculty and staff are set to return Aug. 19 while students begin their new term on Aug. 22.

    Pictured, from left, are Morgan, Snider and Dr. Ash.

    Further details of the transitions are available in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



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