Commissioner: RUMA roadwork “unacceptable”


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    News-Herald Staff Writer

    CADIZ – One leader spoke against the state of some routes that fall under road use maintenance agreements (RUMA) with oil and gas companies, calling it unacceptable.

    Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris (pictured), a past county highway supervisor, told more than 30 gas and oil, government and transportation officials at the monthly safety meeting on Monday that he viewed sites covered under the RUMA pacts. He also showed pictures of various county roads with patch jobs and other work that he said were not properly completed.

    “Although I think that oil and gas is good, I just expect us to be respected the same way we respect each and every one of you,” Norris said.

    Norris said County Roads 25, 2, 55 and 21 were federal highways and chip-and-seal would not work. He added that many sites had rough surfaces and one culvert was covered with road-grade material that blocked water, while County Road 61 was to be paved two months ago.

    “I’m just here to express that we took it by faith and signed those RUMA agreements, and I don’t know that I can sign another. I keep hearing ‘We’ll get there, we’ll get there.’ It ain’t happening fast enough.”

    Read this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald for more on the safety meeting and the commissioners response to RUMA’s.



    1. I think it very likely that more than a few of those roads mentioned in this agreement were probably less than desirable as a means to move all of this heavy equipment that are used to transport equipment, rigs and supplies into well sites and the construction/maintenance of gas lines.
      I remember those county roads, long ago, before they became near ‘street addresses with house numbers’ back in the day when coal trucks would rumble out of those strip mine operations, those trucks heading to a coal tipple somewhere.
      That was many decades ago and some of those roads where barely adequate then, for a limited number of trucks; nothing compared to the size, weight and frequency of heavy vehicles that will use them now. There will be on going problems with transportation in parts of Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson Counties.


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