The King of Cadiz


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    The King of Hollywood—and his hometown of Cadiz– Clark Gable looks upon the Uptown District from this mural by Scott Hagan. Hagan, known as The Barn Artist, is a Jerusalem resident who has completed many area projects, including the Harrison County Ohio Bicentennial Barn along U.S. 250.

    The Gable mural can be found along East Market Street on a building owned by local cattle rancher James Coffelt.

    Other Harrison County featured events can be found in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



    1. Small museums, dedicated to entertainment personalities like the late Clark Gable have a very limited shelf life. As successive generations arrive on the scene, the years between Gable’s birth, early life, his eventual career in movie making—his presence in the movie, “Gone with the Wind” is about the only constant which keeps him in the public eye, allowing him some relevancy as an actor with a connection to either Cadiz or Hopedale.
      As I understand it, the kindly older figure of the custodian at the now defunct Jewett School had been a classmate of Clark Gable when they were together at the former Hopedale High School.
      Who would have thought, who would have known, how many former alumnus of that high school are even around to remember their almost close contact with the actor who was once the “Kind of Hollywood”.

    2. Clark Gable might have been kind but no way was his public personna as an actor founded on that: he was the “King of Hollywood” during those years before WWII.


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