Train derails in Harrison County



A Wheeling and Lake Erie rail road car line derailed early Friday afternoon just outside of Jewett. Members of Harrison County’s Emergency Management Agency were on the scene as well as an employee of the railroad line. No information was available on the cause at this time. Story developing.


  1. OMG—It has been so long since I lived near Jewett, like decades ago, that I forgot just how lonely and isolated those woods, fields and hillsides can be during a typical Winter in Ohio.
    Seeing these images makes me think of another train wreck, before I was born, in the summer of 1939, almost in the center of the village when that freight train carrying all that livestock went off the rails, landing in or near Conotton Creek, between the Jewett Depot and that crossing which carried Ohio 9 across the tracks and into the village on Main Street. That event was in June of 1939, this event is on the other side of the calendar, those dark days of Winter—no wonder so many leave for the nearest warm place in the Winter, so many to that place almost as with “God’s Waiting Room”–the Sunshine State of Florida.

  2. Seeing this report of the train accident at Jewett, Ohio brought back many memories about the Wheeling-Lake Erie Railroad. My dad (S.M. Cunningham) took me to Jewett from our home in New Rumley to view the accident. Farm animals on the train were either killed in the accident or had been freed from the railcars by the impact of the crash. I recall one man (Clayton Syler) sp? chasing and catching pigs and putting them in a truck. He was covered with mud etc. Some animals were dying in the box cars some were running up and down the streets. The smell was very bad.
    I was 10 years old that year (1939) We later moved to Jewett when my Dad became the Cashier at the 1st National Bank.
    I graduated from JHS in 1947. During the summer of 1947 in worked on the wheeling-lake erie section gang. I found it interesting that the location of the current train accident is where I worked that summer. That fall, I entered the Univ. of Cincinnati.

  3. I attended Jewett Elementary from 1950 to 1956 when my Dad moved the family south to Washington County, near Marietta, Ohio. I believe that I remember the Cunningham name from those days, perhaps even at the bank in Jewett–that building which housed the bank, the post office and the telephone exchange on the second floor. There were apartments in that building but I don’t believe that they were occupied at the time. There were many derailments along or near the village of Jewett, some before the big one where the livestock got loose, others later but none that I remember from those years when we lived outside of the village, out on what is now called Briar Road. How interesting that you had a connection to this particular section of track….even bigger plans are in the works to build a staging rail yard, not far from the site of this accident, for those tankers taking gas and other by products from that refinery (cracking station) built at Scio.


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