Ongoing sewage problems plague Board of Public Affairs


The recent string of rainy days over the past several weeks stirred up old wounds with a few residents on Charleston Street who have complained for some time. Gary Vorhees reported sewage pouring out of sewage drains onto his property recently, a problem that has been ongoing for many years.

Now, though, the Village of Cadiz is doing something about it but to some it’s not enough, or at least not fast enough. Photographs and video provided by Vorhees paint an ugly picture of sewage being shoved up out of the ground through sewage covers by rainwater stuffing ancient pipes that are long overdue for replacing.

“They spent all these millions of dollars and nothing’s getting done,” Vorhees claimed. “It comes out more than it ever has.”

Nelson Birney is another resident and neighbor of Vorhees who has suffered with the sewage problem for over 30 years, he said. Birney credits himself with calling the EPA, which not only resulted in getting the village up and running on major overhauling but also resulted in over $42,000 in fines handed down by the EPA back in 2012.

“If I had never said a daggone thing about that sewage down there, there would not be no new lines put in there, there wouldn’t be nothing right now,” Birney said in frustration. “It’s been getting worse and worse,” he said referring to the sewage problem over the years. “They’ve had broken pipes, the whole system, it’s overloaded let’s put it that way. And my big issue is now we’re putting two new motels up.”

Read the full story in Saturday’s News-Herald


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