Thirteen file lawsuit against Kinder Morgan


IMG_0428HARRISON COUNTY – Thirteen plaintiffs have filed a joint lawsuit against Kinder Morgan, described on their website as “the largest energy infrastructure company in North America.”

Ironically, representing these 13 plaintiffs is the same attorney who has been representing Carol Teter in her pending case against Sunoco, Nicholas I. Andersen, where Teter was just awarded a “stay” thereby preventing Sunoco from beginning pipeline work on her property until the appeal is decided. Teter lost the trial decision earlier in the year and is now awaiting the appeal, which should come in late June or early July.

Also adding to the irony is the same attorney representing Sunoco, which is Gregory Brunton who successfully argued Sunoco to that trial victory.

One small clarification, which was erroneously submitted last week among the Harrison County Clerk of Court papers, which listed Ken Zitko without the moniker of “et al,” which means “and others.” Zitko is in fact one of 13 plaintiffs. Along with Zitko of Cadiz the remaining 12 are:

Penny Zitko (Cadiz), Dr. Rebecca Williams (Alliance), Patrick Klodt (Alliance), Larry Patterson (Scio), Bessie Patterson (Scio), Barry Easlick (Scio), Linda Easlick (Scio), Four J’s Farms Management LLC, C/O Janet Brokaw Managing Mbr (Scio), Samuel Pritchard (Uniontown), Sheri Pritchard (Uniontown), Dr. Kenneth Welsh (Douglas, Mi.) and Shauna Zitko (Carmichaels, Pa.).

The suit was filed in Harrison County Court on April 14 and so far, neither side has made any comments. The sentiment among some familiar with the case suspect Kinder Morgan is attempting to ride the successful decision Judge, T. Shawn Hervey brought down against Teter, allowing Sunoco to lay pipeline through their property as part of the Mariner 2 Pipeline, which is headed to Eastern Pennsylvania and their and their Markus Hook facility.

Andersen stated through an email exchange that Kinder Morgan has until this Monday to respond to the suit. Kinder Morgan has also filed suit against several individuals but those details have not been accumulated as of yet.


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