Near Head-on Collision Shuts Down 149 Near New Athens


HARRISON COUNTY – A near head-on collision along Ohio 149 just outside of New Athens Thursday afternoon resulted in at least one lucky driver. Christopher Settle from Moundsville was driving his 1998 Dodge Ram pickup with trailer attached heading north towards the village of New Athens. Then he saw the white Chevy Impala coming right at him.

“There’s something seriously wrong,” Settle thought as he saw the unnamed female driver of the Impala bobbing her head up and down towards the steering wheel. Settle swerved at the very last second as the woman clipped the front of his truck smashing it and his trailer and sending it into a ditch.

The Impala continued up the hill for maybe 30 feet before coming to a stop leaving a trail of damages from both vehicles on the road between the two. The Impala was heavily damaged with the left front tire torn off, the roof caved in near the front as well as the front engine area smashed in.

Settle was heading to a scrap yard in Dillonvale when the accident occurred. Another vehicle, a silver pickup driven by an unknown male was first to pass the Impala nearly missing him with Settle following. Both he and Settle speculated that the woman may have had a stroke but there was no confirmation on that, nor of the possibility she may have fallen asleep at the wheel based on what both men saw as her vehicle was heading south around the bend in the road.

Authorities stated that the woman was being taken to Wheeling Medical Park for treatment. Settle miraculously suffered no injuries and signed a waiver not to be taken or treated by medical personnel.

Other emergency personnel said they saw the woman actually walk several steps after being released from her vehicle and was talking in the ambulance.

Emergency units from Lafferty, Flushing and New Athens were on the scene as well as several members of the Ohio State Patrol who are still investigating the accident.


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