Teacher Presented With Surprise Award


(left to right): Jessica Hinson, Cortney Yarish, Amanda Deluca and son Jackson)

CADIZ – Last Friday, Cortney Yarish thought she was walking into a normal day at Harrison County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities (HCBDD), for what is called, “2’s” where she works as an Early Intervention Specialist for the Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities, which Harrison County’s BDD is a part of a three-part county alliance with Belmont and Noble.

As she walked into the gymnasium the entire staff and friends greeted her with a certificate and a check for $250. The award was in appreciation for her hard work with children diagnosed with autism. Amanda Deluca was on hand with her son Jackson, who Yarish has been working with and was so impressed with her work that she nominated Yarish for the special award recognizing her efforts.

The award was on behalf of the National Autism Association of South East Ohio and Operation’s Manager, Brittany Wood had the honor of reading the letter of recommendation written by Deluca.

“Cortney has gone out of her way to help find resources for funding so that we can attend conferences to better understand Jackson’s sensory needs, to help fund therapies and doctor visits that are not covered by our insurance, as well as resources and materials for use at home,” Deluca’s letter read.

Deluca also said that since Jackson has become so attached to Yarish that she has been there each morning when he comes to school and even cleared her schedule to be there for him on his first day, where he began about one month ago.

Deluca also credits Yarish for helping Jackson transition into a regular classroom setting as well as all of her preparation in helping her son. Deluca raved over Yarish’s work stating that Yarish has gone “above and beyond” time and again to help her son, who only communicates non-verbally as of now, according to Deluca.

She said Yarish has provided much materials for Jackson’s development and generally has “gone out of her way” to help her son using photographs, for example, in helping his progress.

“She is always available,” Deluca said of Yarish adding that she is also good about checking up on her son’s progress as well. Deluca stated that Yarish has been working with Jackson since March of 2016

“We are so happy to have her as part of our Autism journey, she celebrates our victories, and truly works with us to get through our struggles.”


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