Moore Rooftop Mischief In Cadiz


CADIZ – Three local juveniles and one adult climbed up the back fire escape of what is known as the Western Auto building on East Market Street, late Wednesday afternoon and began throwing shards of glass off the roof and into the street.

Cadiz Police Chief, Ryan McCann stated that one vehicle was nearly hit and called police where the four individuals were caught and taken into custody.

McCann surmised that the glass and debris must have already been up on the roof from previous individuals being up there.

The adult has been identified as Jaykob Hickman where he made his initial appearance in Harrison County Court Thursday afternoon. Hickman is charged with three counts: Littering, criminal trespassing and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Hickman, 18 of 697 Country Club Road, Cadiz was released on his own recognizance after facing the charges, which were all misdemeanors ranging from an M1 (contributing charge) to M3 (littering) and M4.

The three juveniles all entered denials and requested a public defender come to their aid. They were released to their parents. Hickman’s next scheduled court appearance is Sept. 19th at 2 p.m. There has not been a date scheduled yet for the juvenile’s next appearance.

McCann also sent out a request for area businesses to protect any entry they may have to the roofs of their buildings considering the recent mischief that taken place in the area.

“With the recent incidents with juveniles on rooftops, business owners need to make sure their buildings are secure with the access to the roof tops of their buildings,” McCann explained. “If there is any access points they need to post a ‘no trespassing’ sign without endangering the fire escape.”


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