Two Arrested In Cadiz Police Drug Bust


CADIZ – Tuesday evening, the Cadiz Police conducted a drug bust after a surprisingly brief investigation, according to Sgt. Ron Carter and Cadiz Police Chief, Ryan McCann.

“Chief Ryan McCann would like to report that after about a 30 minute investigation, the Cadiz Police Department conducted a controlled buy-traffic stop where officers seized 1.1 grams of brown powder (believed to be heroin) and .4 grams of white rock substance (crack),” according to the press release.

“The traffic stop led officers to consent to search an East Market Street residence where officers seized 3.2 grams of brown powder (heroin), 1.1 grams white rock substance (crack), three marijuana plants that were growing in pots, and several items of paraphernalia.”

Carter stated that he worked undercover as the contact for the two suspects by texting via a cell phone he used. The two female suspects, both from California had just moved to Cadiz and were selling the drugs to “pay bills,” according to Carter. He also added that the suspects were “very cooperative,” and gave no resistance.

Totals from the bust came to 4.3 grams of brown powder that are suspected to be heroin and 1.5 grams of white rock suspected to be crack. McCann stated they won’t know officially until results come back from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Both suspects were taken into custody but according to Carter, only one was held and could appear in County Court Thursday. Jameika Edwandya was taken into custody and held as she claimed the drugs were all hers, according to Carter. The other suspect, Sabrina Ann Miller was also taken into custody but was not held. Carter stated she could see charges at a later date. She also had a second driver’s license on her possession with the last name of Staton. Carter said Edwandya has a history of prior drug charges.

“This investigation from my officers was conducted quick and with everyone working together allowed us to get more drugs off the streets, [I] couldn’t be more pleased with my officers,” McCann stated in his press release.

Further details to come in our Saturday, Sept. 9th print edition.


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