Shooting Suspect Arraigned


CADIZ – Monday afternoon County Court addressed arraignments for suspects who made recent news in Cadiz. First was shooting suspect, Maggie Hanson who is facing attempted murder and felonious assault charges for Saturday’s shooting of her boyfriend, Leandrew Johnson. The attempted murder carries a felony of the first degree and Judge, Mark Beetham set bond at $500,000.

Johnson was shot in the stomach, according to Sgt. Det. Ron Carter of the Cadiz Police Department and was life flighted from the ground of West Gate and taken to Wheeling Hospital. Carter stated that two shots were believed to be fired with at least one of the shots being inside the house on Lower Lincoln Ave. in Cadiz.

Next up was William Charles Ash Jr., who was arrested last Friday for public indecency when he was caught exposing himself to a school bus with minors aboard. Ash was arraigned appearing disheveled and mumbling while never raising his head to address the judge. 

Ash was the subject of an earlier stakeout but authorities were unable to catch him in the act until now, according to a press release by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Another suspect, Jameika Miller (listed as Jameika Edwandya last week) appeared with Public Defender, C. Adrian Pincola at her side but Miller expressed her desire to not be represented by anyone from Harrison County. Miller faces drug charges and told Beetham she wanted Stephen A. Stickles to represent her after a discussion on what her legal rights were.

A full report on these and other cases can be seen in our Saturday, Sept. 16th print edition.



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