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The Harrison County Regional Chamber of Commerce was showing off one of its once well traveled spots along State Route 250, The Heavilin Tea Room/Bed and Breakfast, that was captured in a prize-winning picture for the cover of the new Harrison information and tourism book published each year. It was available from the chamber at the front door of Wallace Lodge in Sally Buffalo Park for its annual festival days with a business expo, aisles of crafters, bakers and gardeners; entertainment; travelers information; Chinese auctions; update on the building of the Harrison Central All Grades School; food stands; Puskarich Public Library; Harrison Central High School; and various clubs. Joyce Brown, left, was the winner of the photo contest for the front cover of the booklet. She resided in the household and grew up helping with the many tea parties for club members ,overnight rooms and a meal for out of town travelers and the miniature animal spring events conducted by her parents, Harry and Helen Heavilin. Janeen Scott, right, is executive director of the Harrison County Regional Chamber of Commerce.
The Clark Gable Foundation held a Chinese Auction and many baskets of various themes were present for buyers to drop their purchased tickets into containers in the hopes of winning something. Pictured are Joyce Klinger, board member and volunteer at the museum, left; and Mary Jane Wood, Foundation member. The Gable Gift Shop and Museum is located on Charleston Street and open through October on Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 1:30 to 4 p.m.
One of the big attractions of Sally Buffalo Days is the early pancake, sausage, orange juice and hot drink meal provided by the Cadiz Lions Club in the kitchen area of Walace Lodge. It takes many members to clean the tables, keep them stocked with syrup, make sure there are enough plastic cutlery and dishes out for the cooks and especially fry the pancakes and prepare the sausage patties. It takes two to make the pancakes ahead but John Tabacchi has been at the sausage griddle almost since the club started holding the breakfasts in 1960. He is a 71 year of the Lions Club, the longest attending member and just celebrated his 100th birthday on Sept. 7. Staying active seems to keep John on the go and keeping up with adults many years younger.

CADIZ – With excellent pre-autumn weather on its side, the Harrison County Regional Chamber of Commerce and its many contributors put on a Sally Buffalo Days that had the outdoor exhibitors, food stands and sellers quite happy.

  The grounds took on a carnival look with the many eating establishments; the  selling of pumpkins, baked goods, tickets for a raffle on a four-wheel vehicle for the Luke Sedgmer Foundation and other events and materials.

  Janeen Scott, chamber executive director, was excited about the new cover on the county tourism book that was being distributed. It bore the picture of a farm that saw great activity through the late 1970’s to the time of a demise because of the declining health of Harry and Helen Heavilin. Organizations came  from many counties to the farm living room and dining room to have a sumptuous dinner or an afternoon tea for ladies church and club members. There were the Bed and Breakfast stays for those from out of town and each spring, there was a miniature farm animal event that brought families to the farm to show their children the animals.

  Joyce Brown, a daughter of the Heavilins, won the opportunity to have her photo of the farm house and its surrounding area on the front of the tourism book. “Each year there is a photo selected and Joyce was the winner this year,” Scott said. Harrison County was also featured at a booth in the Wallace Lodge, where George Bedway took his turn manning the table. The winery industry in Harrison County was highlighted by including the winery at Monzula Drive in Cadiz. Harrison County was highlighted in the magazine “Sip-Wine Weekends” listing the Blacksheep Vineyard on State Route 250, Adena; and the Vineyard 22 Winery at Monzula Drive in Cadiz.

  The  Harrison Hills City School District had a table with large plans of the school that will house all 13 grades and brochure to follow along. Puskarich Public Library had a table , with Ashley Smith, children’s librarian, and other staff members on hand to talk to the children.

Krista’s Collars had dog neck ware in Ohio State, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other sports organizations. The Cozy Cabin had soaps for all types of skin types and  laundry soaps that used a certain berry that she was willing to show in the mix. Pops Barn on Gundry Ridge had many autumn arrangements and Ohio State items. The Clark Gable Foundation had a large table of baskets filled with anything imaginable to take a chance of winning by buying tickets and placing them in a desired bag. Nan Mattern, executive director; Pat Eberly and Joyce Klinger, members and volunteers; and Mary Jane Wood, Foundation member, were there taking down numbers to keep the tickets straight to call the winners. There was a very tall, cackling witch that came to life at the slightest movement as one of the prizes.

  The Cadiz Lions Club started getting ready for hungry breakfast patrons early in the morning and opened at the Wallace Lodge Kitchen at 8 a.m. As per usual, John Tabacchi was manning the griddle for the sausage patties, something that he admits to doing almost every year since the Lions started the breakfasts in the early 1960’s. As chipper as he is with that spatula, one would never guess that he celebrated his 100th birthday on Sept. 7. A party was held to celebrate that great day on Sept. 10 with friends and relatives coming from near and far.

 It was interesting to note that along with the small school house brought to Sally Buffalo Park years back and renovated this year, there is another school that is alive and well for events and host to second grade classes from the county each spring — Ourant School. It was opened in 1873 and renovated a few years ago. Cake walks, reunions, a Fall Festival, Christmas party and the spring elementary classes learning about the “old time 3 R’s” are featured for the students. It is located on Deersville Ridge, Nottingham Township, between Cadiz and Deersville. Tour buses and individuals are welcome to attend. Call Tillie Heavilin at (740) 942-3357 to make arrangements.


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