Westgate To Host Temporary Post Office In Cadiz


CADIZ – Thursday, village and Harrison Hills school officials met with United States postal officials and the conclusion was to house a temporary post office at the old Westgate school, according to Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) President, Mike Sliva.

Sliva stated that post office officials realized that Cadiz was just too big of an area to be left out as it has been since the closing of its regular post office several weeks ago.

“This is a good temporary fix for our residents,” Sliva said.

Regional Spokesperson for the United States Post Office, Dave Van Allen confirmed that a mobile unit would be set up in the parking lot for customers as a retail unit. Both he and Sliva stated that postal carriers would still work out of the Jewett Post Office as well as mail being sorted there.

For Cadiz residents? It’s almost business as usual with PO boxes, mailing and packages being utilized at the Westgate location, Sliva said.

Harrison Hills School District Superintendent, Dana Snider stated she was at the Thursday meeting where “lots” of postal officials were in attendance.

“Our desire is just to help the community,” she said. Snider also stated that they would meet again next week with those same postal officials for an official agreement, as Snider informed that there is no contract at this time.

“I assume it would be a modest rent,” she said considering the dance studio that occupies the back-half of the building pays rent as well. She also said she was told the trailer would be 12 x 40.

Sliva said that they also gave a “solid answer” towards a permanent facility in Cadiz as well. He said they are looking at either existing structures to transform into a permanent post office or build a new one in Cadiz.

“We will continue to work with them,” Sliva said. Both he and Van Allen stated there has been no determination on the existing building in regards to its fate. Van Allen said that that determination is in its “infancy” with too many factors going on there and said it would take some time to figure out.



  1. I am glad they found a spot for a temporary post office in Cadiz; I was going to suggest using the grocery store across the street if it was available. I thought of this because people are used to coming to the area, the building does have loading docks, plenty of parking, A/C and a large space in which to set up a temporary post office.


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