Post Office Work Continues, Opening Getting Closer


CADIZ – The footers have been set and the trailer is in place on its concrete foundation but no one is home.

The temporary post office is nearing completion but still more construction is needed with electricity being the remaining obstacle.

At both the Cadiz village council and Community Improvement Corporation’s (CCIC) meetings Thursday evening, each announced the progress, but neither could give a date for its opening.

CCIC President Mike Sliva stated that the next step after getting the temporary post office up and running would be to search for a permanent location for the new post office.

Both Sliva and Mayor Ken Zitko could not give an opening date to the temporary structure but felt the beginning of January sounded hopeful.


  1. Oh my Gosh—would some of the old families who are mostly represented by names in local cemeteries–if they returned to the land of the living in Cadiz–what would they think happened to that small place which couldn’t keep a post office open and at that, the county seat of a county which once saw the brief flush with cash boom of that Utica Shale Gas bonanza….gee something happened on the way to the bank, the highway out of town because this news item is really pathetic. No wonder the county is down to one school district and soon to have only one campus for PK-12 public education. A long days journey into night or what you get for the money when you turn the county into “Coal Country”–a long downward spiral from the late 19th Century into the present. When i return or think about what the county looks like now—I see and sense a Land of Ghosts.


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