Salvation Army Reaching Out, Seeking Help


CADIZ – Usually you see them on cold days ringing a constant bell in a drive to help others. Salvation Army’s Cathy and Dave Rose were two of those volunteers who huddled last Friday in front of the Dollar General Store on Lincoln Ave.

The Rose’s had a small heater inside their makeshift shelter but they were still bundled up pretty good.

Salvation Army’s Service Unit Director, Andy Hutyera wants the word out that all their people are volunteers donating their precious time who are involved in church groups to schools and service clubs.

Hutyera expressed his concern that help from businesses are becoming thinner such as the coal industry since it has fallen by the wayside.

“In past years coal was very generous,” he said but now they were looking at “serious trouble” and just about all of that coal help has dried up. He added that in the initial stages of the oil and gas industry there was help but that has receded in recent years.

Hutyera said counter kettles are being put in place for even easier access to the public and stressed that they are serving all of the county and not just Cadiz.

“If we don’t do something we’re really going to be hurting,” Hutyera said. “At this point I don’t have any large corporations, that’s a concern.”


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