NEW UPDATE: Cadiz Water Conservation Order Lifted


CADIZ – The water conservation order sent out early this week has been lifted as of Tuesday. Border Patrol was able to fix the break, which was due to corroded valves, according to Jeremy Yeager of Border Patrol.
More details in our Saturday print edition. 

CADIZ – The break in the Tappan line, which is the main water feed for Cadiz has been found, according to Cadiz Village Administrator, Charley Bowman.

The break is just beyond the County Home and the company, Border Patrol should be on site by 5 p.m.


This is a clarification to the original notice. Not only is the water tank in Hopedale frozen, which is a backup source for Cadiz-and the only backup source, according to Cadiz Village Administrator, Charley Bowman-but a water line from Tappan Lake, which is Cadiz’s main water source is apparently broken.

“Please be advised that we are going into a water conservation mode. Hopedale’s water tanks are frozen and we cannot access water from them.”
We are actively trying to find the leak. The Harrison County engineer, commissioners and EMA have been notified,” according to an official statement by Cadiz authorities.

County Commissioner Paul Coffland stated that County Engineer Rob Sterling is working with Cadiz Village Administrator Charley Bowman on the problem.

County Engineer, Rob Sterling confirmed that the conservation alert is for Cadiz and Unionvale and that they are waiting for updates on the situation at this time.

Bowman stated that they have brought in a “leak detection company” to assist in locating the problem.

Bowman said that normal water amounts from Tappan are pumped in at 480 gallons per minute but that has now been reduced to 280 gallons per minute.



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