New grocery store in Cadiz is ready for business


CADIZ – The long wait is finally over. Sander’s Markets, just a mere two weeks ago had the look of an abandoned building with no one to love it. But that’s all over now.

What a difference two weeks makes as shelves are stocked, employees are hovering over the last details with price checks and co-owner, Jake Sander is smiling near the deli, apron and all. Sander stated several weeks ago they were aiming for a March 1st opening but when looking around at that time, it was hard to believe. But they made it.

“If it was up to me I’d open the doors now,” he said today referring to all the license’s in place but last minute details kept him from letting customers in.

Signs are now on the doors and the most important one, “Sander’s Market” is at its rightful place on the upper side of the building signaling a new owner with a fresh start in this grocery store-starved community.

The deli section is being finished up as employees cut fresh meat and cheese and the meat section is already fully stocked and new coolers in place full of frozen food. And yes, produce is waiting to be adopted and taken home by a hungry shopper.

Sander said a grand opening would probably take place later in the summer when everything is settled down.

Hours for the store will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week but for tomorrow’s first day one employee stated it would probably open around 9 a.m.



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