Jewett Resident Questions Proposed Waterline Project



JEWETT – At Wednesday evening’s Jewett council meeting, resident, Kelly Harriman noted the cost for replacing the village’s aging waterlines, which includes new water meters, and the $457,000 estimated cost attached to it while questioning the feasibility of doing so.

“None of that is set in stone,” Mayor Dwight Busby told him. Harriman stated that the village is paying someone $1,800 per year to read the water meters now and asked how long it would take to “meet your savings” on the nearly $500,000 they estimate spending.

“Do you think that’s cost prohibitive to pay someone $1,800 a year?” Harriman asked. Busby acknowledged his sentiments but explained that the new meters would be placed at the shutoff sites, which would eliminate the trouble of searching for them as they are now.

“And the way the meters are working right now we’re losing so much water you wouldn’t believe,” Busby said. Harriman shot back with the large estimated figure and reminded him that the village only consists of 288 users and would have less in the future.

“This town isn’t going to get bigger, it’s going to get smaller,” Harriman said and basically asked what was worth more when balancing the loss of water versus the cost of the project. Busby agreed with the notion of new residents not replacing the ones who move out but stated this is the reason for having those meetings, referring to the recent special meeting held at the Wildcat Center.

The full story is provided in our May 5, print edition.


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