Local Farm Celebrates 200 Year Anniversary


(Jim and Bob (center) McConnell stand with sister Mary Lou displaying the original property deed signed by President James Monroe in 1818. Below is the house and barn where these McConnell’s grew up.)

TIPPECANOE – They said it’s rare to see one family hand down its property to another and still keep it in the family for two centuries but that’s what the McConnell’s have done for 200 years. This week, family came from several parts of the country to celebrate the family’s 200th birthday of the McConnell farm in Tippecanoe where the original barn and farmhouse still stand along Norris Road.

The white house, which is not the one that dates back to 1818, sits alongside an ancient old barn that was moved from its original site log by log. Old things can be seen in the dilapidated barn through openings like an old sowing machine that probably dates back to the early part of the 20th century. There’s nothing of value in there until maybe a youngster of the McConnell family stumbles onto a very old newspaper that details Lincoln’s Assassination as she did some years ago.

The full story can be read HERE.


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