Murray Energy Accused Of Frivolous Lawsuits Against Gas Plants



CHARLESTON, WV – With the burgeoning evolution in gas fired power plants, solar and wind energy attempting to remain relevant, the coal industry has not only refused to accept the dying industry many feel it’s become but they’ve fought back to the point of filing lawsuits against these power plants-and frivolous at that, according to a Harrison County Power (HCP) press release.

Harrison County Power, which is attempting to construct a gas power plant in Harrison County, Wv., encompassing Clarksburg and Bridgeport just south of Morgantown, is in for a fight as no gas power plants have been granted a green light in West Virginia, according to an article in Marcellus Drilling News. But 19 have been built in Ohio and another 22 in Pennsylvania, according to the article, which is titled “Truth Exposed” where it revealed that Ohio Valley Jobs Alliance (OVJA) is actually a front for Murray Energy and fueling these lawsuits.

The HCP release also notes that OVJA has brought “legal challenges” to the natural gas power plant “in Cadiz, Ohio.” Representing attorney for Harrison Power (Cadiz plant), stated she wasn’t aware of any lawsuits but there was a motion filed by OVJA to involve themselves in the HP proceedings.

The full story can be read HERE.


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