Towers Go Up To Bring Internet To Rural Residents



NEW ATHENS – Internet talk that’s been heard over the course of this summer to provide those in need in the county’s outlying areas wasn’t just that. Imperial Networks, which is manned by Larry Bertolino and backed by local farmer and entrepreneur, James Coffelt have now raised two of the projected four towers they planned since the start of this endeavor.

The first tower to go up was early morning Wednesday near Tappan Lake. Once that was secured Bowers Contracting crane service rolled along and into New Athens and the second tower was erected at The Lodge, owned by Coffelt. Damian Kovarik’s crew (Kovarik Excavating & Hauling LLC) did the securing of four bolts on the three legs already cemented five feet deep into a large block of concrete.

“He’s been a big team players,” Bertolino said of Kovarik’s work.

Bertolino, who operates myLocalPCpro in Cadiz said the progression in plans has gone beyond expectations. And those expectations include providing Internet service for county residents that have been left out in the cold while the main Internet providers load up inside the villages and obvious areas.

“We’re the Robin Hood in the woods,” he said of the operation.

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