County Residents Raise Concerns Over Rosebud Permit Request


HARRISON COUNTY – Last Thursday Ohio EPA in conjunction with Rosebud Mining Company held a public hearing at the ODNR Mine Safety Training Center. The issue was a permit request from Rosebud for a wastewater discharge permit.

“The wastewater treatment plant would discharge to Standingstone Fork, which feeds into Tappan Lake,” according to an EPA prepared statement.

Executive Vice President for Rosebud, Jim Barker noted that along with permits that could take up to three to four years, this isn’t something that would take place any time soon.

An EPA official contacted today said he wasn’t sure how long the permit would take but was working on providing more information.

Several residents expressed concern over treated water from the mine being dumped into Tappan Lake, which is the water source for Cadiz.

There is a Thursday deadline for public comments.

“Ohio EPA will accept written comments through Aug. 2, 2018. Anyone may submit written comments or request to be placed on a maling list for information by writing to: Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water, Attn: Permits Processing, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049. You may also email comments to

A full story will be published in Saturday’s Aug. 2 edition.


  1. One more example of our bought-off politicians being in the back pocket of the fossil fuel industry.

  2. I wonder how many out of town residents who live on this lake and pay large sums of money in taxes got news of this? Did MWCD notify their leased property owners of this meeting? They have no say in many things but live on the lake too. Who will want to fish, swim and boat on the lake when you know mining wastes are going to be affecting water quality. This is a horrible idea but then again so is the proposed Falcon pipeline that might cross watershed areas of the lake… and that’s to supply ethane to a private company (SHELL cracker in Monaca Pa.) Once again citizens’ rights are being stamped down to open the region for fossil fuels.

  3. That makes sense….run a pipeline into the lake to provide drinking water and then let a mine discharge wastewater into the lake . Who cares if the residents of Cadiz get sick . EPA is the environmental protection agency Really?????

  4. As a lease holder on Tappan Lake, we strongly protest against having waste water from the drilling companies dumped into the lake. We expect the MWCD to protect our lake water and wildlife.

  5. It’s a shame how much influence the fossil fuel industry has on local, state, and the federal government. I guess this is what you get from the new Republican Party. No regulations, and little regard to human/environmental health and safety.

  6. Not a good Idea. The start-ups are never good. “Punch lists” are often lengthy. Many oversights. Just a bad Idea.

  7. Ohio ? Hmmmm, isn’t this one of those states responsible for the anti-planet idiots running thing’s Y’all got what you wanted, so stop bit*hong.

  8. I grew up in Harrison County until 1950, and still have relatives and friends living there. But when I left for Military Service 1950, I stayed in military, and wife and I traveled, visited, camped in, lived in, 44 of the 50 states. Found different issues in each state, with usual gripes, complaints in each.
    —– Reading the article, Rosebud referenced Waste Management Treatment plant. One of my friends in 1972-74, retired from Air Force, and moved to home state in Washington State. Just few miles NE of Seattle, the manager of their water treatment plant retired, and looked for someone to replace him, technical experience. They received contaminated water into plant, and after treatment, release that water back into the river, AND RELEASED WATER WAS MUCH CLEANER THEN NATURAL WATER FROM THE BEST WELLS. I do not know what chemical status the Rosebud, Treatment Plant will release, but could be beneficial to make Tappan Water much cleaner, with less alge growth. I suspect the Engineers would keep testing before and after, and most fossil fuel development does have federal and state standards.
    —— Know that the Ohio River Flooding I experienced was not clean in my youth, and we always checked our farms for clean water, coming out of ground, to dig catch basins or reservoirs to have for our stock.
    What has changed? Know that Scio water was not palatable, so most folks knew where to get clean water to use. I even worked improving Highway 250 when I was 15, during summer months, and helped to place riprap in my 16th year, summer between high school months.

  9. Did a little search today (Tuesday 14 Aug) for Water Quality Monitoring Report for Harrison County. Found Harrison soil and water conservation District, and found the personnel at that waste station have been monitoring the water quality for all these years. This report was for 2015-2016 period, and it lists what the find in the water, that makes that algae grow. And Agriculture, rain runoff, family housing all have effect, so this is same thing done across the USA, in and around most larger populations. Nothing secret about it, and it is not the waste water from fracking they are monitoring. It is the water in all of the dams, and attendant lakes, over the years that have mud bottoms. Much cleaner when you have sand bottoms which is nature’s way of cleaning water. Note: With this waste water treatment for Tappan Lake, the water collected and piped to Cadiz goes through the town treatment plant, for cleaning.
    ——- I live in Colorado, in Denver Metro area, and our sewer water, rain runoff, snow melting, all goes into the pipelines under the streets, returning it to treatment plant, several miles north of Metro area. Is cleansed, and pumped back into city and metro storage lakes to be recycled back through treatment plants, and back to our facuets and water connections. And we get to pay for it about $5.50 per thousand gallons, with higher charge, if we exceed certain levels. So don’t complain, until they add meter to each of your houses, and you get to pay over and over for same water, cleansed each time.
    MAGA, AND KEEP IT GREAT IN 2020. And all the best for my family and friends, in Ohio.

  10. Thank you Frank,
    I really appreciate it when someone makes a responsible, educated comment rather than just throwing blame on political parties and spouting out at the mouth. I work in and around power plants, mainly coal fired and people refuse to research the fact that water, goes through a intense filtering along with people not knowing that coal fired power plants are not polluting the air, that is water steam and the additional ingredients are circulated back through and reused.

  11. Thank you, Jordon.
    At 89 years of age, I have seen a lot of what you referred to, of some writers. I served 26 years in military, 1950 to 1976, and was involved with many projects, missions, intelligence, satellite communications, avionics, personnel and administration. Graduated from Scio HS 1947, and entered service with HS diploma. Military saw aptitudes in me, that no one else ever did, and I was selected, received training, and was involves with new equipment and changing communications. Taught foreign and USA military and civilians, and most of the years, was dealing directly Pentagon contacts, classified missions, Air Training Command, Communications Command, and Air Defense. In those, it seemed I always had “sidewalk superintendents” who knew, or thought they did, of what I was doing. And with that, I was also involved, to where I knew the steam coming off nuclear energy plants was steam, for the cooling waters, to cool the reactors. And those drew the critics in EPA, too. Thank you for your kind remarks. I have relatives and friends in Harrison County. Could not talk about much of my work, but now I can even gain better perception on net, with much printed there now. And even that has some false reporting. Last mission in July 1976, I joined Air Force Captain, and Civilian Electronic Engineer GS13, to travel to Omaha, NE. to meet with Corp of Engineers, and other communicators, to design Satellite Communications Terminal, for Offutt AFB, NE. I retired 1 November 1976. 1974-75, as Master Sergeant, I had full authority, reporting to Pentagon contact, Communications Command in Missouri, and to Colonel Clyde Bunch, Air Force Communications at Hickam AFB, HI, of installing progression of TACSATCOM terminal for Presidential Support. Picked my subordinates, trained them, supervised installation, and briefed two full Admirals (one was CINCPAC) of all military in Pacific. They then (in secure area) gave me briefing of what NAVY wanted to do, if allowed to access my terminal, when it went active 2 months later. By then my job was complete, and I transferred to Missour in Dec 1975, for last year in service at Communications Command. Left the service with 124 college credit hours, in varied disciplines. Courses I had taken and had taught to others in service, issuing certificates over my signature for them. I feel good, in making a difference, and leaving standards still in practice. Thank you, again.


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