Bowman Quits Post As Cadiz V.A., Village Motions To Reverse Retire/Hire


CADIZ – At the end of last night’s Cadiz village council meeting, Village Administrator, Charley Bowman handed Village Solicitor, Costa D. Mastros the keys to his office and apparently quit just two months short of his pending retirement.

Recently, Bowman turned in his resignation and was to complete his work as of Dec. 31. This recent development has apparently taken council by surprise. 

Attempts to reach Bowman and Mastros for comment have been unsuccessful to this point.

Also, the recent Ordinance (2018-58), which was tabled from Sept. 20th and dealt with a new policy on employees retiring and re-hire, was put in motion to be rescinded. Council Member, Chace Smith made the motion for Mastros to prepare an ordinance rescinding Ordinance 2018-58.

The third reading had just been completed for passing the ordinance just two weeks ago at the last meeting.

Read the full story in our Saturday, Nov. 11 edition.


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