Scio Fall Festival attendance soars


SCIO – With over 150 units in the 77th Annual Scio Fall Festival parade, it certainly was a real crowd pleaser. During the four-day event, starting on August 18 through 21, there was something for everyone to see and do. Featured were exhibits, good eats, races, arm wrestling, car show, demonstrations, song and dance, and most everything else you would come to expect at a festival, in between. All who attended went away with a smile and a day filled with enjoyment and good times. An event of this size does not just happen. It takes a community of hard working, dedicated individuals, coming together and getting the job done, year after year. The following pictures are a small reflection of those days, enjoyed by many and further proof of a job done well.


  1. yes, the fair was another good one, i was happy to have my dad there, scotty and i took over alot of his work this year, thank you! goes out to chuck woods for helping dad and watching over him, while my sis , scotty and i worked the stands and lined up the parade, everyone worked hard to bring the town this festival, jt thompson does a great job every year, i like all the pictures of the fair on here, alot of times we get too busy to see everything, thanks

  2. I always enjoy comming home and going to scio street fair it gets better every year the food is great I love to hear the Js Band Is awsome and you get to see people you have not seen In A long time eveyone did A great job to keep the far going and hope many more fairs to come Thanks everyone


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