Cadiz Christmas Parade is back on



CADIZ – The canceling of the 2018 Cadiz Christmas Parade was a disappointment for all but a constant downpour with few dry spells last Saturday led members of the Cadiz Business Association (CBA) to feel they had no choice but to cancel the event. But in the subsequent days some remarks from the public, including on social media have added some confusion into the mix regarding the cancelation followed by it being back on.

The parade has been re-scheduled, according to Cadiz Council Member and Cadiz VFD Member, John Vermillion and Cadiz Police Chief, Ryan McCann for Saturday, Dec. 15.

President of the CBA, Howard Landkrohn decided to address the issue and explain the canceling and why the Cadiz Volunteer Fire Department, and not the CBA re-scheduled the event for Saturday, Dec. 15.

“The reason for cancelling the parade was obvious, and became more obvious Saturday afternoon and evening. I was asked why I did not immediately reschedule the parade. Two reasons: first and foremost, I am not a Village Official, elected or employed. I have no authority whatsoever to reschedule or assign Village assets, resources or services for any event.

“No one with that authority called me personally to discuss or authorize a date. Secondly, after a quick phone consultation with our key workers and planners it was determined that we could not promise the quality performance and exceptional presentation the citizens learned to expect form [sic] us after last year’s outstanding event. A hap hazard [sic] re-do was not acceptable.

“We are however very glad to see that the Cadiz VFD has undertaken to put together a parade for the 15th and will gladly help if there are tasks they need accomplished or resources we can offer,” Landkrohn wrote in an email to the News-Herald.

Vermillion confirmed that the parade had been re-scheduled stating that they just wanted to put the Christmas cheer of a parade back into the town.

“Everything is the same,” he said.

Chief McCann said he and Vermillion joined together for the re-scheduling but emphasized that it had nothing to do with any negativity towards the CBA, which he commended for the tremendous work they do.

“They do a great job…” McCann said of the CBA, “we did a great job working together,” he said of past work. “They do a lot of stuff and people don’t see the work they do behind the scenes.”

The parade will begin at 6 p.m. on Grant Street with the lineup beginning between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. McCann said there is no particular order in the line as they will just be placed in the lineup as they show up.


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