Deersville Community Choir presents “The Christmas Story”


The Deersville Community Choir asks that you join them Sunday, Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. when the they will present an interactive musical collection entitled “The Christmas Story.” Refreshments will be served following the event in the fellowship hall.

The choir consists of Penelope Clark, McKenzie Cunningham, Sheri Cunningham, Joy Miles, Gloria Allen, Holly Brindley, Nola Haney, Mary Knight, Nancy Sukosd, Rebecca Gladman, John Sukosd, Cecil Dieterich, Tim McMillen, Mandy Dieterich, Anne O’Planick, Richard, O’Planick and Kay Cochenour and Laura Peters.

The children’s choir consists of Olivia and Aidan McMillen, Noah Strickler and Ava Beckley. The choir is under the direction of Nancy Sukosd. Pastor Mike Cunningham is the narrator, while Melvin Allen is the sound tech.


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