Volunteers needed for Recognition Banquet




CADIZ – The Cadiz Business Association (CBA) held their first meeting of the year Wednesday under brand new leadership. Replacing President Howard Landkrohn was Susan DeMalio (Abacus Business & Tax Services of Cadiz) and Joelle Bensie of the Harrison County Visitor’s Center has stepped in as secretary for the two new faces as officers. Vice President Jackie Hutyera talked at length about the Recognition Banquet held each March and how various appointments are needed such as, liaison for things like catering, a chairman, selection committee, registration table, master of ceremony, table setup and decoration and seating arrangements, as well as dealing with awards.

Hutyera said that if they couldn’t find people to sign up for these duties then there was a good chance they won’t be a recognition dinner, if not this year certainly in the future, she told the crowd. This year’s banquet is set for March 18 and Hutyera discussed the logistics in each category of help needed.

DeMalio later discussed the by-laws and noted they’ve been in existence since 1998 and saw some needed changes to be made. Regarding officers, she said instead of wording it as two elected officers, she requested it say two to five officers, which was approved. Also, dues have been $35 per year and received approval for that figure to be raised to $50 each year. “This is not a lot of money,” DeMalio said, which many in the audience agreed. Another change approved was in the amount of funding the CBA should be handing out. Treasurer Nancy Davis said last year they handed out $1,150 where the ceiling in the by-laws was noted as $500. Members approved a change to raise that ceiling to $1,000 as the limit. DeMalio said she would like to see some smaller groups that normally don’t receive the money, such as a theatre group for example.

In other items of interest the snow people at the square appeared to be very popular and some inquired about re-upping their snowman for next year. The fee is $50 per year. Davis suggested they also be supported with stronger posts next year to stand up to the weather. Also, the new members at Large are: Jack Kibble, Kay Moore, Melissa Evick, Judy Rhome and Jennifer George. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13 at The Mine restaurant. The meeting will again be held at noon.


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