BREAKING NEWS: (Updated) Harrison Hills Teacher Arrested In Kentucky


UPDATE: Elliott County court records reveal some graphic details alleging abuse on the adopted daughter of Ty Stinespring, which was apparently triggered by the daughter seeking her biological mother who lives in Ohio, according to the court record.

The abuse accuses Ronald Stinespring of using paracord rope to tie her up and a flashlight stun gun for shocking the top of her feet. “The victim did have scar tissue on the top of both of her feet that was circular scar tissue,” the report said. The report continued stating that the alleged victim said her two other sisters had been punished as well.

In an email received this morning from the mother-in-law of Ty, Grace Stinespring said the accusations are lies the daughter used thinking “the police would take her to her mother.” Grace Stinespring also said her daughter-in-law Ty has taught school in the area for over 20 years “with no issues and has been a highly respected teacher.

“She is not the kind of person who would abuse a child and there are many people who can attest to that,” Grace Stinespring said via email to the News-Herald. This has also been backed up by information provided by the Harrison Hills School District through a formal request for information, which stated that in 18 years Ty has no complaints in her employee file and that she has never been placed on suspension. Superintendent, Dana Snider said that Ty is on leave as of now.

Ty Stinespring was scheduled for Elliott County juvenile court today and is set for arraignment on Thursday at 9 a.m.

SANDY HOOK, KY – Harrison Hills teacher, Ty Stinespring was arrested late Friday night in Elliot County on a 2nd degree charge of complicity to commit criminal abuse. The office of the Elliot County attorney, nor the Elliot County State Police Post 8 would comment on the case due to it being an open investigation.

Stinespring had been held at the Rowan County Detention Center but according to a spokesperson, she was released sometime over the weekend on a $5,000 “unsecure bond.”

A press release obtained from WKYT in Kentucky reads as follows: “The Kentucky State Police Post 8 Morehead received a call at 7:15 am from a male subject in Elliott County stating that a juvenile female had showed up at his residence. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the juvenile had been held at a remote location on Lytten Fork Road and left the residence in the middle of the night.

“Kentucky State Police Troopers along with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and Elliott County Sheriff’s Department responded to the residence on Lytten Fork Road. While at the residence, another juvenile sibling was located as well as an adult sibling. Adopted father, Ronald Patrick Stinespring, 48 years of age, of Sandy Hook was also at the residence. Officers with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife observed activities of illegal hunting.”

Other individuals placed under arrest were Devon Stinespring, Desirae Stinespring and Ronald Stinespring. Ronald was the only one charged with animal related offenses. All subjects were lodged at the Rowan County Detention Center.

Public Information Officer, Trooper, Scott Ferrell confirmed that only one person was charged with “unlawful possession of animals” as he put it, referring to Ronald. The other charges deal with a human being, as stated in the report. The juvenile female is a stepdaughter in the Stinespring family, though Ferrell described her as a “foster child.”

According to Kentucky Criminal Law 2018 Manual: “A person is guilty of criminal abuse in the second degree when he wantonly abuses another person or permits another person of whom he has actual custody to be abused and thereby: (a) Causes serious physical injury; or (b) Places him in a situation that may cause him serious physical injury; or (c) Causes torture, cruel confinement or cruel punishment to a person twelve (12) years of age or less, or who is physically helpless or mentally helpless. (2) Criminal abuse in the second degree is a Class D felony.”


  1. Soon as she got full custody of those 3 little girls she pulled them out of school and made them dress with long skirts and a hair covering. Far as her never having any complains that is such a lie she had many kids removed from her class….but she’s never had any issues…..haha 👌 glad she was able to get away from them weird people!

  2. Have you folks no clue as to what these people are? This hill they lived on was covered in bomb making material, traps, and other ambush-ready materials. When the ATF, FBI, and KSP veterans say this is something out of a horror film, you had better stand at attention!
    When the contents of those hard drives come out and you also see what was in that dwelling, it will blow your mind!!!

  3. Ronald Stinespring indicted on 50 yes fifty felony counts include Rape, Sodomy, incest, abuse it really is a horror story this poor victims

  4. Before you pass judgements check out reactive attachment disorder, which many many adoptive children have due to lack of bonding and neglect from birth to 3 or any time in that age group. Manipulation and lies on adoptive family is huge. Manipulation and triangulation is a normal for them as breathing. There’s more to this story then what you see getting. RAD is a nightmare. I’ve watched a child beat herself with a cat iron skillet in the face and accuse her dad off beating her so she wouldn’t tell in him for sexually molesting her Which never happened. I give respite to rads. I’ve seen it all first hand.


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