Charges dropped against two in Stinespring case



ELLIOT COUNTY, Ky. – Charges against Desi and Devon Stinespring were dropped during a preliminary hearing last week in Sandy Hook, Ky., where the adopted daughter of Harrison County schoolteacher, Ty Stinespring has accused four members of her family of physical abuse.

The Stinesprings were a part of a four-person arrest warrant that took place two weeks ago where long-time Harrison County teacher, Ty, was arrested and charged with criminal abuse in the second degree. She was not a part of last week’s preliminary hearing and is due back in court on May 9. She remains on “approved leave” from the Harrison Hills School District. Apparently the court felt that Desi, just 18 years of age, was more of a victim in the matter but was only originally charged because she was not a minor and was present and knew what was going on, according to a source close to the matter.

The charges against Devon were dropped because of a lack of evidence. Both had been charged with criminal abuse of the second degree. Ronald Stinespring, 48, who has two addresses listed, one as 621 McCready Ave. in Cadiz (under a Kentucky Fish & Wildlife citation) and the other is 100 Lytten Fork Road that is attached to the Elliot Circuit Court citations, remains in jail and is being held on a $250,000 bond. His attorney, Michael Campbell of Moorehead, Ky., has not returned a message to respond. Ronald is also charged with criminal abuse in the second degree but along with that is charged with fleeing or evading police (first degree), resisting arrest and possession of destructive/booby trap device.

According to a Kentucky State Police report, when Ronald was told to stop running “The violator ran towards a corner in the residence by the back door where a loaded shotgun was located.” The report also stated that Ronald continued fighting to free himself once he was apprehended. “When inside the residence there was a rifle that was tied to the top of a wall frame and had tied strings to the rifle and the rifle was pointed towards the front door of the residence. It appeared that the violator could have pushed the bolt forward and pull the string on the rifle pulling the trigger and firing the weapon,” the state police report noted.

Grace Stinespring, mother-in-law of Ty, has defended her and said the alleged victim in this case, a female juvenile who is the adopted daughter of Ty, is making up the accusations of being tied up and whipped. But one accusation she made is that the juvenile’s biological mother, Megan Wood, told her juvenile daughter to hitchhike to Ohio where she lives, has been refuted by Gary Hill, the stepfather of Wood. Hill contacted the News-Herald this week and said they told the juvenile they did not want her doing something like hitchhiking and that she should be patient and wait until they could buy her a bus ticket to get to Ohio. But the girl chose to leave anyway where she was caught by the Stinesprings and allegedly punished, leading to the accusations and eventual charges. “He deserves whatever he gets legally,” Hill said of Ronald Stinespring. Hill said that once Wood lost parental rights to the child that traveled on down the bloodlines to the relatives. He fears that now the juvenile and her two adopted siblings will be placed up for adoption again.


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