Olive Branch to host Grammy nominated rock band


CADIZ – The Olive Branch is hosting Grammy nominated Christian rock band, Decyfer Down, on April 13. The concert is free of charge, and there will be concessions, a photo booth, and band merchandise for sale. The church says they want to pack the house with youth, but but are opening their doors to every one of all ages to come enjoy the show. When asked why the Olive Branch is venturing into this type of venture, Jason Dean of the Olive Branch said “I’ve been a Harrison County boy my whole life and it wasn’t until I was 21 years old before I saw my first live show, and of course we had to travel outta town to take in the show. We would like to bring this type of entertainment a lot closer to home for everyone, and as we have heard it said countless times- ‘there needs to be more for kids to do. This is a professional band that will bring everything we normally have to travel out of town to experience to our own county. It’s safe, it’s clean, has a positive message, and best of all-it’s free for everyone to come enjoy! We are very excited to be able to host this opportunity, and hope and pray that it will be the first of many more experiences like this in our county!” The April 13, show starts at 7:30; doors open at 6:45. Admission is free


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