Commissioners Approve Appointments For Two


CADIZ – The Harrison County Commissioner’s meeting ran light on Wednesday but two of their own, Commissioner’s Don Bethel and Dale Norris were approved for two appointments.

Commissioner, Paul Coffland motioned for Commissioner Bethel to repeat as a board member for the Easter Ohio Development Alliance board (EODA), which was asking for the re-appointment for the year beginning Jan. 1st, 2020.

Also, Coffland motioned to appoint Commissioner Norris to the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC), District 14 Integrating Committee.

“The term will be for three years with full voting rights,” Coffland read, which was approved.

In agreement (62-19), Coffland read a pipeline right-of-way agreement between Harrison County and Cardinal Gas Services LLC, for “consideration in the sum of $100.” Coffland explained that this agreement was an easement for a “minor adjustment,” which has already been approved by the prosecutor’s office, which was then approved by the commissioners.

The commissioners also approved increases in appropriations for several entities in the county. For utilities in the government center” appropriations were increased by $15,000. For the sanitary sewer in the County Home, appropriations were increased by $10,000. And finally, the capital improvement fund for the Board of Developmental Disabilities, appropriations were increased “from 0 to $1,401.71.”

Also, the Harrison County Dog Warden received approval for a $100 cash drawer. Coffland stated it was for making change “for kennel license fees.”

Finally, under Auditors, an expense line item was created for the State Victim’s Assistant Grant. Both, Auditor Allison Anderson and Victim’s Assistant Coordinator, Jessica Norris “signed off” on the request. Coffland explained the purpose was for the auditor’s office to “clear up how different monies are being spent.” He said it, after conferring with Norris that it makes it “cleaner for the audit.”


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