Cadiz Fails To Pass Ambulance District


CADIZ – The Silver Spade Ambulance District Hopedale Fire Chief, Mark Marchetta has been trying to establish for the past year now, has failed.

At Thursday’s council meeting Cadiz council members failed to get the four votes needed with three passing, one “no” vote and one council member abstaining for “personal reasons.” One council member was also absent.

Read the full story in our Saturday, Nov. 30 print edition.


  1. All I have to say is that if any of my family members here in Cadiz suffer ANY negative effects from this vote to not provide Paramedic level EMS services in Cadiz I WILL sue the current Village Council, corporately AND personally, AND the Village Fire Department for putting their petty “Cadiz first” attitude over providing a level of pre-hospital care that is needed here…
    And… I just have to say… I’m a 40+ year retired fire-fighter/Paramedic from the Outer Banks of NC who, frankly, knows a thing or two about this issue.


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