Harris sentenced to prison, Hansen close to release




CADIZ – Ryan Harris, the 27 year-old Adena man who led police on a car chase last summer pleaded guilty to failure to comply as well as improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Harris has been incarcerated since with a $1 million bond pinned to him.

Judge T. Shawn Hervey followed the recommendation from the state to drop a revocation motion for violating his Community Based Control (CBC) sanctions, from two previous cases, in exchange for the plea agreement. Harris will not get credit for time served towards the 30-month sentence on the first charge and an additional 17 months on the second, which is to be served concurrently for a total of 30 months.

Harris’s results from an Ohio Risk Assessment (ORAS) taken last January were in the moderate range for recidivism but Hervey also said that it was unlikely that Harris would be granted any early judicial release considering he has already failed to fully comply with his CBC sanctions two times now.

Assistant Prosecutor Jeffrey Bruzzese also requested and received a wait of 30 days in order to see if there were any restitution expected of Harris for the damage caused to a Cadiz police cruiser.

Another case that captured headlines back in 2017 was Maggie Hanson when she put a bullet into her boyfriend near their home at McCready and Dennison Streets in Cadiz. Leandrew Johnson survived the attack and actually requested that Hanson receive no jail time or as little as possible. But Bruzzese repeated in court Tuesday what he’d said during the aftermath of the crime that the case wasn’t something that they could just turn their back on.

Hanson, who was represented by Aaron Miller, was initially facing an attempted murder charge but saw that dropped in exchange for a plea deal where she agreed to plead to felonious assault and endangering children, sentences that were to run concurrently for four years.

On Tuesday, Hanson was granted judicial release by Judge Hervey but will remain incarcerated until she completes an ORAS, as well as the program at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center.

Leander Brooks also appeared as he is facing numerous charges from a recent arrest. Judge Hervey informed Brooks that since he still hadn’t been seen in county court he would need to address that issue regardless of what when on in the current common pleas court proceedings he was involved in. A grand jury had just convened that morning and Brooks case was heard during that proceeding.

Hervey set his bond at $20,000 resulting from aggravated burglary and tampering with evidence on Jan. 5. These charges are in violation of his probation agreement from previous charges. Bruzzese told the court that a “probation holder” was in lieu of new charges including burglary, criminal trespass, criminal damaging, theft and assault.

“So we do think the court has the authority to amend bond at anytime really, for any reason but given the nature of these allegations, the nature obtained in the police report I do think it’s appropriate this time to revoke the bond previously imposed on the impending case and re-impose a monetary bond,” Bruzzese explained.

Brooks gave a North Buffalo Street address and said, though he wasn’t currently working he was getting “ready to start, though.”

As his hearing was winding down he told Hervey he was enrolled in the program at Crossroads but called the new charges “b.s.”


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