Driver escapes serious injury on 250


HARRISON COUNTY – An accident on U.S. 250 early this afternoon miraculously resulted in a minor injury to the driver of a black Dodge pickup, which rolled over then rested upside down.

The accident involved a second vehicle, a red Ford Explorer XLT, which suffered slight damage to its left front bumper area but no injuries to the two occupants there.

Both vehicles were traveling west on 250 with the driver of the Dodge attempting to pass the Explorer but didn’t have enough space to pull it off. The accident happened a little past Tappan Lake.

The male and female occupants of the Explorer described the accident with the Dodge pickup attempting to pass with the male stating, “he had to of been going every bit of 80.” But when the driver of the Dodge saw traffic coming the opposite way he whipped his SUV to the right and lost control.

The male occupant of the Ford stated that the Dodge flipped over several times before coming to rest in a ditch after plowing into some trees. According to a first responder the driver of the Dodge had already crawled out of his vehicle before emergency help even made it on the scene.

Units from Bowerston, Harrison Community Hospital, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies were on scene.

The OSHP trooper on scene confirmed the driver of the Dodge suffered only a minor cut on his head but at the time, had yet to refuse transport to a hospital.


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