R. Stinespring hit with additional charges



ELLIOT COUNTY, KY – Ronald Stinespring, the husband of former Harrison Hills schoolteacher Ty Stinespring, was hit with two additional felony charges while appearing in an Elliot County, Kentucky courtroom last Monday.

Ronald, facing 48 counts of which most are felony charges saw the charge of rape and sodomy added to his list. Both are first degree felonies for a victim under 12 years of age.

Ty Stinespring also appeared but nothing has changed in her case where she faces two counts of complicity to criminal abuse. Both are felonies of the first degree “by intentionally abusing ___a child of whom she had custody to be abused, causing them to suffer torture, cruel confinement, and cruel punishment in complicity with another,” according to the indictment.

Ronald is being held on a $500,000 bond and remains incarcerated. Ty was given a $15,000 bond and was able to post her 10 percent and released last year. Also revealed last week was that forensic analysis had been completed but no further details were released.

Also, a motion to separate the two defendants for trial has still not been decided and no indication was given as to when that decision would be handed down. The next scheduled court appearance for the Stinesprings is Mar. 9 at 11 a.m. in Elliot County court.

In Harrison County Common Pleas court this week Logan Murral’s case was discussed in chambers but never made it to the courtroom as no resolution could be seen. Murral pleaded not guilty to the 2019 charge of rape in the first degree. Murral is being held on a $250,000 bond. His attorney is Kevin Cox.

Also last week, Cadiz Police arrested five individuals in a large drug raid conducted over two days covering last Thursday but mostly early Friday morning. The raid also involved the villages of Cadiz and Jewett. Charles Moreland was picked up as part of that raid and appeared for his arraignment last Friday and was handed a bond of $300,000.

Ethan Newbrough was also arrested and handed a bond set at $50,000. Kevin Vancamp was released on his own recognizance and Anthony Pettit was given house arrest. Lacey Whitehead was handed a $25,000 bond by Judge T. Shawn Hervey also late Friday afternoon.

Chief Ryan McCann said the raid was pushed up from a planned afternoon raid because they wanted to keep things under wraps and felt they could not wait any longer.

A little more than 15 grams of meth were found, according to Lt. Ron Carter along with a .22 Derringer at one of the houses.


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