Burning trash, leash law addressed at Scio meeting




SCIO – Council President of Scio Andrew Turner, addressed council at last week’s meeting regarding burning trash in town, which he said according to the Ohio Revised Code, is not legal.

“I’ve had some people complain to me about it and they really didn’t know what to do,” he explained and told them to call the sheriff’s office. Also, there is a leash law for pets and suggested these two issues could be addressed on One Call as a reminder to Scio’s residents.

“I agree but definitely when they’re seeing burning trash and stuff like that they definitely need to let the sheriff’s office know,” Mayor Michelle Carpenter said. “Even if there’s not a deputy in town at least then it can be documented…”

Council Member Carol Davy asked if wood burning such as branches was considered trash but Carpenter said that was limited to a certain hours. Council Member Erin Thompson said that there was still a burn ban ranging from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., which she said was enforced “till the end of this month.”

Also, Council Member Kari Salsberry suggested the $2,131.42 the village received as the result of COVID-19 relief on behalf of the Ohio Workers’ Compensation, should go to the village workers.

“I think that some of that needs to go to the workers that have been out there and has been going above and beyond,” Salsberry said. Carpenter agreed, as it would be a “good gesture” for showing appreciation for what the workers have been experiencing during the pandemic. Carpenter asked for ideas on how to go about handing that money out. Davy asked if any of the money could be used to cover testing in case any village workers become sick. Regarding insurance purposes and what is covered, it was argued that workers compensation could be a conflict of interest since it could be questioned whether the employee contracted the virus while on the job.

Salsberry said as long as they had the essential protections such as gloves and masks, then they should get a bonus from that money for working through these times.

Village Administrator Jason Tubaugh told council they have the N-95 masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes but then said his people are not currently wearing masks.

“Honestly right now we’re not wearing masks,” he said and when asked why, said he felt it was not necessary.

“I don’t see the point,” he answered. It was noted that everyone is staying six feet apart and no one else is allowed inside the office. Davy said she did not have a problem with a bonus for their workers either and no one else had a major problem with workers not wearing masks. Davy said the main point was to prevent outsiders from infecting their workers while working indoors and outdoors.

“I don’t have a problem if it’s just three or four of us coming into the village office to meet,” Davy said referring to future meetings. Carpenter said the village offices are still closed through the remainder of the month and that the next meeting would probably be their last to be conducted online.

Regarding Tubaugh’s report it was estimated remaining meters stand at 155 and are to be ordered on May 25.

– A loan for the clarifier project is to cover the cost of the design and submission and will be for five years with an interest rate not to exceed 2.9 percent.

– The summer youth program was scheduled to start on May 19.

– No date has been set for opening up the village park where he said it would take two or three days for preparing the bathrooms.


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