Board of Elections says goodbye to Marjorie Findling


HARRISON COUNTY – A fixture for more than 30 years serving the Harrison County Board of Elections (BOE), Marjorie Findling attended her final meeting Monday afternoon at the BOE’s 1 p.m. meeting. Democratic Chair and Board Member Holly Brindley noted her service to the county.

“And we want to thank her for all the years of dedication that she has given to us,” Brindley said. Findling said she came to the BOE in 1985 left and returned for good in 1996. She finally filled a board position in 2002.

“She knows more than we’ll ever, ever begin to know,” Brindley said. “She just retains everything so we thank you for your service dear.” Findley responded by stating it was a privilege to serve the people of the county.

(Pictured on the left is Ohio Secretary of State liaison Alex Pavlov with Findling).


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