The little engines that could



    News-Herald Staff Writer

    CADIZ – Lester Nabb has become synonymous with everything engine, from John Deere tractors to hit-and-miss models commonly found at the Stumptown Steam Threshers Reunion each fall in New Athens.

    His affection for engines can be seen with the tractor artwork on his sweatshirt, his John Deere ring or the many small machines that grace his property. For more than four decades he has built upon his collection and amassed more than 50 engines that in bygone days powered lights, water pumps, corn grinders and gristmills. It’s no wonder he’s earned the distinction of Stumptown Thresherman of the Year this past September. This story and other interesting Harrison County active senior features can be found in the November 27 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. Hey Les,

      If you like engines, you will LOVE the “California Wind engine”. As a licensed airplane mechanic with beau coup experience with big ole round airliner engines, I developed and just got patented a new style of capturing renewable wind energy, about 20 times more effective than the three bladed bird killers out there. Been a while since I seen you, old friend (50 years?).

      JohnO, Burbank, CA

    2. Hi Les! Guess Who?! Remember me from over 50 yrs. ago? Just happened to come upon this article & thought I would just say Hi. Looks like you have been busy with engines thru the years. Thats neat. I am an office manager for Dr. Adie Tamboli in his Ashtabula office. My family & I live in Ashtabula, Ohio now & have for a long time. Mom, Dad, & Larry are all passesd on now. I talk with Cheryl Porter-Keys on FB, she lives in W. VA. now. TTYL. Take care & hope you & your family are all well.


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