A trek on the Buckeye Trail


    On November 28, thirty-two enthusiastic men and women took part in a 4.2-mile hike on the Buckeye Trail. The hike, which lasted about three hours bordered Piedmont Lake and was led by Dr. Scott Pendleton and Ray Ferrell, members of the Buckeye Trail Association. Also part of the hiking group was Robert Pond of Buckeye Lake who authored the book “Follow the Blue Blazes,” which focuses on the Buckeye trail and surrounding area. More pictures and details of this excursion can be found in the December 4, 2010 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald. Photo provided


    1. No,the Trail does not go past the standing stone near Cadiz..The Buckeye Trail had it’s beginning in 1959, a trail from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.That since has been changed and it’s now the longest loop trail in the U.S.,it traverses more than 40 of Ohio’s 88 counties.The Trail enters Harrison County near Leesville,on to Bowerston,along Tappan Lake,Deersville,along Clendening Lake,on to Piedmont Lake and leaving the county beyond Smyrna.The nearest to standing stone is at the Brushy Fork portion near Clendening Lake. Open to the public 24/7 – 365 days a year.Contact Scott Pendleton or Ray Ferrell for more info.


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