Hounds rescued from county pound


    News-Herald Staff Writer

    CADIZ – A California-based animal rescue group removed five dogs from the Harrison County Dog Pound amid ongoing complaints about inhumane conditions. Pictured are local volunteer Angel Sharrer bidding adieu to longtime pound resident and mascot, Miss Wiggs. More details on the dog pound controversy in the December 11, 2010 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. Ms. Amy Gareis, Thank You for your coverage on the Cardiz dog pound. Did you know the pound is still open and more dogs are being accepted there and being exposed to the awful conditions there. Please continue to focus on this situation Thank You , Theresa Hamilton

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      Another Don McBride football boot camp success story. Players learned to play as a team & have self discipline. He was only 4 years older & didn’t put up with any crap from his players. Thanks again, Janice

    3. Comissioners Penacola, Vinka and Holt MUST BE TERMINATED from their positions in the county. They knowingly and willfully allowed this condition to continue. ACO Tina Dewalt MUST BE TERMINATED from this position. SHE KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY ALLOWED THIS CONDITION TO CONTINUE. This county has been in the news before. The family of the Brach Candy Company, offered to build a new shelter, and was turned down. REASON: Commissioners were concerned about the electric bill. Just recent as this past week, canines were left in freezing weather, with the pads of their paws frozen to urine and water which had turned to ice, caged in change link fence enclosures with no external walls, exposed to the elements. Citizens of Harrison County….STAND UP AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN ABOUT THE CONDITIONS AT THIS CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR ANIMALS. No animal, be it 2 legged or 4, deserves this type of treatment!!! Commissioners Vinka, Holt and Penacola MUST BE TERMINATED from their elected positions!!!!!!!

    4. There are now at least THREE dogs back in the pound The first dog was promptly put into what is known as the “parvo pen”, despite an empty pound.

      Since we were not able to speak at the meeting, and Wednesday days away where I will be speaking for the alloted 5 MINUTES on a very serious topic and situation, I am publicly requesting Commissioners, please do the right thing for the animals and let others foster dogs that must be held as strays in the interim.

      Also, please post open hours, as nobody answered the phone Saturday although it is stated open 10-noon on Saturdays and Sundays. We have volunteers willing to hold the animals to keep them away from disease and parasites which were recently diagnosed by the vet, including parvo and hookworms.

      Please call me at your convenience. 740-945-1379

      Robin McClelland

    5. The law of OHIO is clear. Sec. 955.15 Impounding dogs. ” The board of county commissioners shall… provide a suitable place for impounding dogs, make proper provision for feeding and caring for the same.”

      Current conditions at the so-called dog pound clearly violate the intent of the law. Harrison County Commissioners and dog wardens are failing in their duty.

      It is long overdue for the County to change its methods of administering this law. Contract with an agency that has proper shelter and use those registration fees paid by dog owners more effectively to provide the humane and basic care that these living creatures deserve. To do otherwise is unethical, unconscionable, and without a doubt does not reflect the Christian values of our community..

    6. Why don’t you do a story on the amount of suffering that the dogs endure while being a prisoner at the pound? How about how the people in charge should be prosecuted for allowing these animals to suffer? How about how the pound should be shut down?

    7. And more dogs are there now suffering! Frozen floors no walls no nothing. People are protesting as we speak! Do the right thing call the commissioners and let them know this is not acceptable.

    8. The crisis is far from over in Cadiz. The shelter is still open for business and still keeping its dogs out in the cold and snow with no protection from the harsh winter conditions.
      The facility needs to be closed and a new one built that properly houses living creatures.

    9. Why won’t the good people of harrison county step forward and insist that these animals receive humane treatment and conditions at the pound be improved?

    10. The conditions at this pound are appaling and worse the county commissioner and warden do not seem to care about the welfare of the animals. So many atrocities have taken place there and Barb Pincola has the nerve to say conditions are good at this pound!!! Personally I would like to see Nitro’s Law take effect and throw this whole corrupt bunch in jail where they belong and see if they would like to be behind bars with no heat, no sanitation and no food!! The same fate they subjected the helpless animals to. I would like to see this pound closed and an independent company come in and build a true shelter with compassionate people who truly care and will take care of the poor animals that are left in their care. If any of the people who dropped off their animals knew their fate I would seriously doubt they would have left them there to die. Thank goodness this is receiving national attention. People of Ohio..Is this the way you want to be seen by the rest of the world. This is a call to action to do what is right and show the world you DO care and you want things corrected!! PLEASE DO NOT LET THERE BE ANY MORE SENSLESS DEATHS AT THIS POUND!! HOLD ACCOUNTABLE THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE AND BOOT THEM OUT. TELL THEM THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR YOU OR FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!!

    11. THIS is the full story? OMG, you have got to be kidding! The ****-hole death camp you people call a “shelter” is a filthy, disgusting, inhumane and ill-run example of institutionalized animal abuse. How nice that you refer to Miss Wiggs as ‘mascot’ – makes it sound like summer camp instead of an Auschwitz for dogs! No walls, no shelter, no water, little food, pens lined with filth, animals in need of medical attention ignored and left to the elements… were it not for the suffering of the animals, Harrison County would be a world-wide laughing stock. As it is, the county is held in the highest contempt.

    12. People are still dropping off their animals in this animal concentration camp. PEOPLE WAKE UP-DO NOT DUMP YOUR ANIMALS HERE…YOU ARE SENTENCING THEM TO A SURE DEATH. PARVO IS RUNNING RAMPANT THROUGH THIS KENNEL BECAUSE THE FECES FROM PARVO INFECTED DOGS HAVE NOT BEEN CLEANED OUT. Infected feces is still in the kennels. No one is there to watch over your dumped animals. NO ONE! DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS TO THIS SHELTER! Find someone to take your pet if you no longer want it. Check the newspaper, vets offices, other resources for people wanting animals, JUST DON”T TAKE YOUR ANIMALS TO THIS SHELTER! PLEASE PLEASE I am begging you, don’t sentence your dog to death because you can’t or won’t take care of it!

    13. How many dogs were at the Cadiz, Ohio **** hole in exposed pens, not even a tarp over the top of them, during the storm and the sub-zero wind chill last night? That is animal abuse and anyone contributing to the treatment of these animals should be prosecuted for animal cruelty – especially the Commissioners.

    14. Dogs being housed at this “shelter” are subject to conditions that are in direct violation of State of Ohio statutes and Fedral Animal Cruelty laws.WHY has this been allowed to continue?! If a citizen were doing these things thay would be subject to fines and confiscation of their animals (as they should be) but a taxpayer funded shelter, with tax payer paid employees can act with impunity?!
      What a cruel ,ignorent waste of money!
      Let the rescues (funded by donations and staffed by caring ,knowledgable volunteers) take care of these animals.

    15. I would like to commend the California rescuers who came to these poor dogs in their time of need.
      I would also like to know how ANY government entity could allow such conditions to exist, and an official explanation for Mr. Pincola’s unauthorized “control” over peaceful protesters at the shelter should be forthcoming.

    16. Thanks and many blessings to the CA rescue group who removed 5 dogs from these in humane
      Conditions! I’m doing everything to raise awareness and some money! 50$ so
      Far but I’m Not finished yet!! Let’s All try to
      More for these poor guys! They deserve better!!!!
      Happy Holodays! :0)

    17. If the few facts that I have seen/heard so far are correct, then these people need to be….well, I can’t exactly say, but they should be put in the place of where these poor animals are presently occupying… How totally inhumane and no one supposedly sees anything wrong with how things are being run…. This situation is totally uncontionable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t they have animal abuse laws in Ohio, in Harrison County!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Is this the dog from the picture with its head stuck in the fence?? And she is the “mascot” of a pound with no shelter whatsoever?

    19. I hope and pray that this gets resolved peacefully and that the focus is on housing these dogs and hopefully they can find loving homes. First off people should not take in animals if they have no desire to make it a lifetime responsability. People also need to get their animals “fixed” so the animal population doesn’t get out of hand.It’s a shame how many dogs and cats are dumped along the road because the owner doesn’t want to deal with them anymore.Please everyone involved find a solution and lets move on.

    20. It appears that there are indeed a multitude of obstructionists working in the government of Harrison County. These people are trying to cover-up the cruelty that has existed at this pound for years so they can continue their self-serving behavior and SAVE THEIR OWN SKIN! These people in the Cadiz government care NOTHING for the dogs. I hope the Kasich cleans out this nest of ignorance and corruption by firing all of them!


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