Animal welfare official calls for pound’s closure



    News-Herald Staff Writer

    CADIZ – An official with the Appalachian Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals called for Harrison County Commissioners to shut down the dog pound in light of concerns.

    AOSPCA Executive Director Robin McClelland had her chance to address commissioners at Wednesday’s meeting after not being permitted to speak the week prior. Read more about the allegations and commissioners response in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. If you are going to commit to doing a story, at least get the full story. There are hundreds of facts about this case that is not being aired. Perhaps this newspaper is coalition with the commissioners and would negate the truth?

    2. The fact that the deplorable conditions at the Harrison Co. dog pound have been allowed to exist for years is bad enough, but even more disturbing is the fact that efforts to improve the situation are continually met with open hostility and total lack of cooperation from county officials. Now that the spotlight has been turned on, their arrogance and ineptness are exposed for the world to see, and it’s not a pretty sight! But along with all the publicity have.come new opportunities. Since the county seems incapable of running a humane facility, the operation should be turned over to those who can.

    3. For the love of God, haven’t they been trying for years to get that place shut down? Or at least renovated to the point of decency?? I cannot understand why anyone who would want to IMPROVE conditions would be met with hostility. Ridiculous! It needs to be closed down and they can start from scratch. And to say it can’t be done is silly, because it HAS been done in other counties and areas of the country with less resources.

    4. I was appalled to learn how long this facility was not clean to say the least, and the pics and stories of the neglect of the dogs that lived and died there. If this facility cant be closed it desperately needs cleaning, fixing, updating…NEW….and run by people who care about the well being of these living and loving creatures. What about jailers, high school groups for a class, boy or girl scouts working on a good Samaritan badge….. so many people to volunteer time to help. take the help and quit turning them away.REACH OUT!!!!!!!

    5. Having a spotlight on any conditions that need to be corrected is a good thing. I have read and read on the internet about the horrific conditions at this pound, frozen and abused dogs, dogs left to die of diseases with no attempt at alleviating their suffering. Perhaps it is only because of the attention being focused on this dog pound that situations are being improved. As of right now, all of the objections to the place appear to be corrected. I believe an animal shelter should always be a better place for animals than a dog pound, but apparently at this time, in this place, that is not an option. I am a newcomer to this issue, and have only seen it through my son’s eyes. He has no knowledge of any of the controversy, and only can say it appears clean and in good repair. I hope the citizens of this community can continue to work together in order to help the animals.

    6. The only hope for change at this county facility that has been criminally operating since its inception is to wrestle the tentacle-death-like-grip from the Harrison County Commissioners paws that obviously enjoys the scrutiny of the nation upon them, as well as the Bureau of Criminal Investigation now investigating them for multiple criminal violations. This extremely unprofessional, not to mention uncooperative county administration will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to ‘change’ and or ‘improve’ when they cannot even cooperate, assemble, and devise a strategic plan for change with key persons of influence, notably the AOSPCA, the only local non-profit SPCA in operation who have gone out of their way to extend the olive branch many times, too numerous to count. If cooperation and a relationship cannot be maintained between these 2 organizations for the benefit of all parties but most importantly for the dogs, affective change will not transpire and or be maintained, ever. Therefore, County commissioners would best be advised to ease up and pay attention, or let go. Do what Fayette County did, give it up willingly, hand over control to the Sheriffs department, Sheriffs department could designate the AOSPCA to operate the day to day operations, etc. County Commissioners don’t need nor do they have any business being in control of a department they have no compassion or interest in fostering its success. There actions and inaction thus far has indicated nothing but their lack of interest. By giving up their ridiculous dictatorial and ineffective rule, Commissioners could focus on another department they can’t manage or delegate effective management in the Health & Children’s Services Dept. in feeding the hungry and needy Harrison County school children that they throw bread and cheese to for lunch meals? Honestly I have never heard something so unnecessarily shameful for a child to have to experience as that. For 3 public servants (County Commissioners) to be bringing in salaries of $38,000 each, that’s not only a crime in this impoverished town, but pathetic in their lack of skills and qualifications that they cannot effectively manage these 2 departments; a humane facility for a small dog pound (that doesn’t even take in felines) and the county’s local school lunch programs. If I was a Harrison County tax payer…I would be highly disturbed.


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