High school students enter not guilty pleas


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CADIZ – Emotions erupted in a Harrison County courtroom Wednesday as two teens accused of break-ins around Scio received high cash bonds.
Benjamin Palmer II, 18, of 91385 Scio Carrolton Road, Scio, and Preston Forrester, also 18, of 215 North Elm St., Scio each face three fifth-degree counts of breaking and entering stemming from incidents at the Scio municipal garage, North Township garage and a residence on Fife Road, all in the Scio area between March 14 and 21. According to sheriff’s officials, the subjects broke into the village and township garages and a resident’s shed and removed thousands of dollars worth of equipment and tools later found at a Carroll County recycling center.
The Harrison Central High School seniors were arrested at school Tuesday afternoon following an investigation, while officials said more charges and arrests could be forthcoming. Palmer recently donned the Huskies’ uniform as a football standout, but this past week he and Forrester wore orange jumpsuits emblazoned with Carroll County Jail during arraignment proceedings. They were scheduled to return for a preliminary hearing, at which time County Court Judge Mark Beetham would determine if their cases would be bound over to a grand jury. Neither Palmer nor Forrester had an attorney and sought assistance from a public defender, while the judge accepted not guilty pleas on their behalf.
Outbursts ensued among family members when county Assistant Prosecutor Michael Washington requested a $60,000 or 10-percent cash bond on each defendant.
Sheriff Joe Myers told the News-Herald the thefts were reported the prior week when Scio reported the theft of two backhoe buckets, manhole covers, six valve boxes, storm grate, an electric motor-driven pump worth $7,000, a dredging bucket, foot bucket, manhole risers, a 12-inch auger on loan to the village and 15 feet of railroad rail. The North Township building was entered, with a 24-inch backhoe bucket and a foot bucket stolen, while a subsoiler, two-way potato plow and a rotary hoe were removed from the property on Fife Road.
“The township garage reported it on March 17. The village actually reported it around March 16 and they thought it occurred on the 14th,” Myers said. “More was taken from the residence on Fife Road around March 21.”
Many of the items were recovered from A&A Recycling in Carroll County after officials investigated possible consignment sales and auctions.
The suspects were arrested on a warrant around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday at the high school and the sheriff said more charges and arrests could be pending. Following arraignment, Palmer and Forrester were remanded to Carroll County Jail with their preliminary hearings scheduled for March 31 at noon.
The family reacts to the set bond in Saturday’s edition (Mar. 27) of the Harrison News-Herald.


  1. Mrs. Wright. I agree 100% with your assessment. However, the most troubling thing about these crimes are the accused youths possibly throwing their lives away for STUPID and CHILDISH acts. What a shame.

  2. Only know Benjamin, has anyone taken the time to look at what hes been thru the past 6 mos? starting with losing his dad. Wheres mom? Could he be just a little mixed up? What did he want the money for? Possibly necessities. No, i don’t condone what he did, but he was a “good kid” what happened? Take time & find out. Is it worth throwing his life away? Does he deserve a 2nd chance?

  3. If he was such a “good” guy, and if he was influenced by someone else, a “good” guy would of said, “no thank you”. Yes it is sad that he lost his father at a young age, but there is other students that has lost their parents and that didn’t give them an excuse of going bad.
    A 2nd chance? Seems like he’s had more than a second chance, it isn’t as if this was the first time he’d done something like this.
    Let the courts decide, guilty or not guilty.

  4. I get so sick of hearing they came from a broken home and they lost there parents,did it for the money ,get a job ,do the crime do the time, I know alot of people who have lost a parent ,you see them out stealing .and carrying on.let them set in jail .next time it might be worse such as murder then do we give them a 3rd chance .time that people wake up.

  5. glass house syndrome. anybody that can critize people without knowing should keep there big mouths shut!!!!! He is a GREAT kid with a big heart everyone makes mistakes and shouldn’t be put down for it he is paying for his mistakes and as far as his past he has had a harder one then most men. So for all of you that want to put him down or critize or belittle him GET BENT. LIVE AND LET LIVE AND instead of putting people down trying lending a hand to help then the world would be a better place and people would wake up!!!! one bad deed doesnt make you a criminal or bad person just a bad mistake!!!!


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