Economic development rep eyed



    News-Herald Staff Writer

    CADIZ – Business is booming in the oil and gas industry, and local leaders hope to capitalize on it and build community coffers with a shared economic development post.

    Cadiz Community Improvement Corp. President Michael Sliva approached Harrison County Commissioners on Wednesday seeking input on a joint effort to hire a part-time official. Talks are preliminary but there was interest on both sides.

    “We’d like to do it quickly but prudently,” said Sliva. “We’d like to have a qualified person to address opportunities. We want to make sure we have somebody [with] some knowledge and recognize the need to get someone as soon as possible.” Further discussion on the position can be found in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. I hope the local leaders will do their home work before jumping into these oil & gas leases. I suggest that they go to & click on To Drill or Not to Drill (close to bottom of page), then click on Dish, Tx ( right under the pic ) to find out the evironmental impact that drilling did to their small town. The people in Dish, Tx thought they would get rich & didn`t check what the hazards would be to their town . Anyone living around where the drilling would be also needs to check into what happened at Dish, Tx .


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