Bus driver fired



    News-Herald Staff Writer

    HOPEDALE – A Harrison Hills City Schools employee was fired on Monday after a preschooler was left on a school bus. The youngster apparently was found after the bus returned to the main garage in Cadiz, but officials have said the child was on the bus for a brief period and it was an isolated incident.

    School board members held a disciplinary hearing with the bus driver, the district’s attorney and representatives of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 507. The board voted unanimously for the dismissal and passed a resolution stating findings for their decision. Details concerning the resolution and decision are featured in the April 16 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. Back in the day; how i remember that over the creeks and through the woods school bus ride that was our route on the round about way to that now closed Jewett School. I doubt that our route was as long as some that now operate in a county that is much less populated and now, only supports one school system.
      Dick Patton, our local driver, was much to conscientious to leave a bus with anyone on board. So conscientious that when I decided that hoofing across some farm fields and into Jewett was faster than the bus (it was) and stopped taking that free, tax supported transportation, he stopped by our house and wanted to know what was up. A little embarrassing for my Dad, as he was one of the members of a committee who had brought bus service to those isolated but not far away homes on that unpaved county road.
      Gee, we couldn’t get away with much; Dick Patton seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. Then again, there were more school districts in the county and more drivers knew the parents of their passengers; you couldn’t get away with much then, it would have been very difficult to remain on the bus, someone would have ratted you out, just to see if you’d get into trouble, if you tried to hide out on a dare.

    2. Dosn’t the buses have a alarm system that forces the driver to preform his walk through inspection. All it is,is a botton placed near the rear door of the bus,if the driver does not walk to the back of the bus and push the button,after the key is turned to the off position, the city horn starts blowing. most school sytems have these installed in all their buses


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