Wait a minute, Mr. Postman:


    Residents dismayed by possible closures


    By AMY GAREIS    News-Herald Staff Writer

    DEERSVILLE – Residents are speaking out against potential closures of rural post offices, with one community generating a petition to keep theirs going. The U.S. Postal Service previously announced a review to potentially close 3,700 post offices, including those in Deersville, Piedmont and New Athens.

    Pictured above is the New Athens Post Office, one of the sites that could be closed amid ongoing financial struggles within the U.S. Postal Service.  Featured in this week print edition are some of the U.S. Postal Service alternative  options and comments from residents of the communities that may be affected.




    1. This is a shame, a Post Office is suppose to be a public good that services the community. These communities have lost so much already, now a post office and unfortunately more jobs.

    2. Article1 Section 8 of the US Constitution lists the specific powers of Congress including “to establish Post Offices and post Roads;”. This requires the federal government to operate post offices not close them. Write your Congressman even not care.


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